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I have a simple philosopy of doing business - offer only the best - in customer service, watches and watch accessories, and the best possible prices.

How did I get started selling watches, watch straps and accessories?

I rediscovered mechanical watches about 8 years ago when I was looking for an easy-to-read watch, that didn't use a battery.

Like a lot of folks, I've got a small box of inexpensive quartz watches that no longer work. Getting the battery changed seem to be the Achilles' heel of inexpensive quartz watches. Every mall has a kiosk or a jeweler's shop with a sign that says "We Change Watch Batteries," but my experience was that while they might be able to open the watch case, they often weren't able to re-close it because they didn't have the proper tool, or because they didn't have the correct gasket to replace the gasket they destroyed when they opened the watch. Or, they simply didn't have the correct battery.

I found a watch that seemed to do what I wanted, a Breitling SuperOcean, but in the search of scores of Internet web sites, I discovered that mechanical watches, both vintage and modern could be fascinating. Because they are unique in their design or their rarity or their historical significance or they have useful features or simply, I liked how they looked.

I've collected a lot of watches over the years, but like many people who collect things, I've found my tastes change and that my budget doesn't enable me to keep all the neat watches I've found over the years. So, one reason for this site is to enable me to pass my "extra" watches on to others. I've also met a number of nice folks who are in a similar circumstance and may want to sell some of their "extra" watches and this web site will provide them that opportunity.  This part of my website is in process, so you may not see any pre-owned watches listed at any given time.

And then I discovered watches made by Titoni in Switzerland.  I sure wish I had known about this brand BEFORE I had bought my SuperOcean.  I'd have saved many hundreds of dollars by buying the Titoni Cosmo King Diver instead.  Titoni watches represent the best value I have found anywhere in a mechanical watch.  The quality built into each Titoni watch is easily worth twice my selling price. Which is why I'm offering them on my website.

And then there are the watch straps, bracelets, watch cases and boxes and other accessories that I struggled to find when I looked for them. They're here, and they're all are items that I use and can personally recommend.

Thanks for taking the time, and I hope you enjoy your watches and have fun.

Bob Davis




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