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"Got my order today.  I've already used the Bergeon springbar tool.  It works even better than you advertised!  I should have bought it the first time around instead of some of the other products I tried.   


Ads for some of these other products have descriptions that make it sound as if they are just as good as the Swiss tools and  products you offer -- but at a lower cost -- but in actual use those other products often fall short in usability or durability.  I will be back!"  - - Rich L, Atlanta, GA












I've chosen Bergeon tools because they are the standard of excellence

for professional watch tools.


Bergeon & Cie SA is the world's foremost supplier of watchmaker and jeweler's tools.  The company was founded in 1791, and is headquartered in Le Locle, Switzerland.





















"The Bergeon 6767F springbar tool is exquisite and far superior to others." -  Tony C - New York

This is the tool professional watchmakers use when they change watch straps and buckles or deployant clasps.


It was specifically designed for changing watch straps and changing bracelets.


To see why this is the best springbar tool please click here


Save $6

Bergeon 6767F Springbar tool with 2 extra replacement tips -

1 extra forked tip and 1 extra flat-tipped pin







individual replacement tips

only   $6.00  each




Yes, there is an "S" model - the "S" for standard tips - but they are BIG tips - which is why I have never offered the "S" model.

The fine tips of the 6767F do a better job.

Bergeon springbar tool


for a larger photograph,  please click on the image above


This precision-made standard size (@ 5 5/8" long) springbar tool will last a lifetime because both the straight pin tip and forked tip are replaceable.




Please note: This springbar tool was designed for installing and removing springbars.  It was not designed for, and should not be used for removing pins from bracelets.  The bracelet sizing tool below  is perfect for that purpose.



This close-up photograph shows the fine tips of the 6767F. the small forked tip is about 1.2 mm wide which is the perfect size for compressing springbars.


 It also is just the right size for compressing the springbars to remove and install metal watch bracelets.











"The Bergeon 6767 springbar tool made changing my watchstrap easy -- even though I'd never changed a watchstrap before.  It's all about having the right tools" -- Wyeth M., Honolulu, HI





"Thank you for the quick shipment and great product!  I ordered one of your bracelet sizing tools on a Thursday night and it arrived the following Monday.


I've already used it twice and it made quick and easy work of sizing watches that I had previously struggled with using a cheap plastic sizing tool I bought from from a Web seller." - - Paul C. - Ohio



so simple, it is elegant


Made in Switzerland of glass filled nylon. Using it is as simple as it looks in the photograph.


Place the bracelet in the holder and screw in the drift-pin.  It comes with two spacers for different thicknesses of bracelets, and two extra drift-pins ... and instructions.



only $18.95 standard bracelet tool

this tool is fitted with a standard length drift pins there are two standard length spares.




only $19.95 for Omega & standard bracelets.


Omega bracelets require special extra long drift-pins. This tool includes 2 special extra long drift-pins and 2 standard length drift-pin.




replacement standard length drift-pins - $3.50 each 


replacement long length drift-pins

for Omega bracelets - $4.50 each


Bracelet Sizing Tool 



" ... I have already used your Bracelet Sizing Tool to size a bracelet on a Hamilton Linwood Viewmatic and it worked flawlessly ..." Michael P, Silver Spring, Md


The photograph above shows the Bracelet Sizing Tool being used on a bracelet that's off the watch - but that's not necessary. Because of this tool's compact size it's easy to remove pins from the bracelet while it's still on the watch.  A lot simpler.



Please note: This tool is for removing the push pins from  links in steel or titanium bracelets.  It will not work with bracelets that have screws holding the links together.  



for tips on sizing Omega bracelets and standard type bracelets and changing the tips on the tool


please click here 
































I couldn't believe how well these Cape Cod Polishing Cloths worked.  I went to visit my brother and practically tore his watch off to polish it... his reaction at the results: "WooooooW!"

- Mario S., Belmont, MA 











Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths get rave reviews on internet watch forums for their ability to remove light hairlines and "swirlies" on polished-finish watches and bracelets.


They're moist soft cotton cloths, with just the right amount of polish on them. Rub lightly and remove tarnish on silver, gold, brass, copper, pewter, etc. and bring forth a brilliant mirror shine. Safe to use and there is no chemical odor ~ instead a pleasant vanilla scent. The revolutionary anti-tarnish formula in Cape Cod Polishing Cloths means the shine lasts longer


minimum order

2 of the handy foil 2-packs


$10.50 - total for the 2 Foil Two-Packs



Cape Cod Polishing Cloths

for polished finishes 



Foil 2-Pack


each handy re-sealable foil pack contains contains two 4" X 6"  Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths. 


for an example the exceptional results produced by Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths,

please click here.















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