Di-Modell watch straps 

premium quality, hand-crafted in Germany



Di-Modell's mottos are "Perfection is our passion" and "Perfection in Detail."  Their watch straps live up to both.


Di-Modell watch straps are hand-crafted in Germany.  The "Deluxe Collection" of Di-Modell watch straps include additional features that set them apart from,  and above the watch straps made by other manufacturers - a patented Aero-Lining and a nifty loop anchor that's also patented by Di-Modell.


These innovative designs and exceptional hand-craftsmanship make Di-Modell watch straps a superb value and offer you a much better buy than other manufacturers' watch straps so often seen and "over-described" on many websites.


On their website Di-Modell has an excellent illustrated page detailing the construction of their leather watch straps including those in their "Deluxe Collection" which include the patented Aero lining and loop anchor.



to see how Di-Modell watch straps are crafted, please click here


Of course,  I provide springbars with every watch strap.  I even install them for you.


Choice of buckles -  polished stainless steel or yellow gold-plated in 16 mm and 18 mm . matt/brushed is available in 16, 18 and 20 mm stainless. black PVD is available in 18 mm only. all are nickle-free stainless steel  - - please scroll to the bottom of the page for details


- - For buckle sizes on the different watch strap sizes , please scroll down to the bottom of the page.



Inventory Closeout


In September there was a dramatic increase in suggested retail prices (srp) and dealer prices in the U.S.  for  Di-Modell watch straps


Some prices more than doubled.  For example the new  srp for the Chronissimo is $165.95,  There have been similiar increases for other models - the Rallye $70.95,   the Bali  $62.95 and the Carbonio Sport  $78.95.


The prices on this web page  were based  on the old suggested retail  and dealer prices and are a lot lower that they would be if they were based on the new prices because I stocked these watch straps before the September increases.


I'm closing out my current inventory at these bargain prices.  There will be no better time to buy one of these superb Di-Modell watch straps


To get these bargain prices you must use the links in this web page.  These prices are only applicable to watch straps that are in stock as listed on my order pages.







Sale Price - $ 32.50










The Venezuela is another classic design pilot watch strap with the update of being made of alligator grain calfskin. has everything  watch owners have told me they want in an alligator grain watch strap - with contrast stitching and the right thickness at the lugs for today's thick watches. about 6 mm at the lugs. -  about 6.5 mm it you count the rivets.  :-)


This calfskin watch strap is 80 mm x 120 and about 6 mm at the lugs

I have these in 20 mm in 2 colors - Black and a deep Mahogany Brown in stock and ready to ship


 20 mm  in  Dark Mahogany only


The 22 mm is out of stock

The Venezuela has a double tang buckle so cannot be used with a deployant clasp. Buckle size is 20 mm the 20 mm Venezuela. Only stainless steel buckles are available.




please click on the above photo for a full-size photograph  


My photographs do not do this strap justice. The deep Mahogany Brown is an excptionally rich dark Mahogany. 


current U.S. suggested retail price




Sale Price - $ 58.95














Di-Modell watch strap buckle sizes 

Di-Modell buckle sizes - 16 mm watch straps have 16 mm buckles; 18 mm and 19 mm watch straps have 16 mm buckles; 20 mm and 22 mm watch straps have 18 mm buckles.  


The exceptions are the Chronissimo,  Bali Chrono, Pilot, Venezuela and Ikarus which have 20 mm buckles on both the 20 mm and 22 mm size, the "Jumbo" 22mm which has a 20 mm buckle, and the "Alligator Louisiana" 19 mm watch strap strap which has an 18 mm buckle










Buckle Finishes












The buckle finishes are available in the following sizes only :


Polished stainless steel in 16, 18, and 20 mm. Gold-plated in 16 and 18 mm.


Brushed finish is available 16, 18 and 20 mm. 



your choice of buckle colors

with each Di-Modell watch strap

(gold-plated, matt/brushed, and polished - all are nickle-free stainless steel.  


You'll need to tell me which buckle you'd like on each strap in the Special Instructions part of your order.











The Perfect Tool for Changing Watch Straps and Bracelets

"The Bergeon 6767F springbar tool is exquisite and far superior to others." -  Tony C - New York



 Bergeon Spring Bar Tool


The small forked tip on the Bergeon 6767F springbar tool was designed to be the perfect size for compressing spring bars on watch straps without damaging the watch strap or watch.  It also works perfectly to remove or install bracelets -- for the same reason.


The straight pin is designed for watches with holes through the lugs and buckles with holes for the springbars.


    Please note: This spring bar tool was designed for installing and removing spring bars.  It was not designed for, and should not be used for removing pins from bracelets.  There are special pin remover tools for that purpose.


For a complete selection of watchmaker's tools

for watch collectors ..  


This is the tool professional watchmakers use when they change watch straps and buckles or deployant clasps.


It was specifically designed for changing watch straps and changing bracelets.


To see why this is the best springbar tool please click here


Save $6

Bergeon 6767F Springbar tool with 2 extra replacement tips -

1 extra forked tip and 1 extra flat-tipped pin





individual replacement tips

only   $6.00  each

to order, or for information via e-mail ...


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